William “Billy” Fred Blanchard

September 7, 1949 - June 10, 2016

09/07/1949 - 06/10/2016

AHOSKIE, NC-Mr.William “Billy” Fred Blanchard, age 66, of Ahoskie, passed away on June 10, 2016 at his home.

Mr. Blanchard was born on September 7, 1949 to the late Lucius Blanchard and Ruth Davenport Blanchard in Elizabeth City, NC.

“Billy” is survived by his sister, Katherine Northcott of Colerain, NC; and two brothers, Luke Blanchard of NV, and Warren Blanchard of MD.

The family will have a family gathering to celebrate his life at a later time.

Garrett-Sykes Funeral Service – Ahoskie Chapel is handling the arrangements for the Blanchard family and online condolences can be directed to the family by visiting www.garrettsykesfs.com.

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Carletter Pruden
7 years ago


Angela Lucas Urquhart
7 years ago

So sorry to hear this sad news. I had a wonderful conversation with Billy at one of our last class reunions. He was such a nice man and a gentleman. I will keep all of you in my prayers during this difficult time.

carter jones
7 years ago

SORRY to hear about BILLY he was a good friend. WE surfed a many a wave in KITTY HAWK. I am sure he is looking at the surf even now

Stephen Guttu
7 years ago

I hadn’t seen Billy in some years. I have no doubt that if I had, we could have “caught up” quickly recalling times with Bill Boone in that old Boone’s Pharmacy Falcon. Yes, pharmacies used to deliver prescriptions. I remember his dry whit as well. God’s peace to him and all those he left behind. ***Please excuse this personal note: By the way Katharine, your former neighbor RD is a super husband and father. He and our younger daughter Sarah live in Houston with Landon Henry (remember RD’s granddaddy) age 8 & and Ellison Gray (named for Edwin Gray Blythe) age 5. I hope this update on RD & family bring you a smile. xxoo

Linda Chitty
7 years ago

Our thoughts & prayers are with the family at this difficult time. Cherish all your memories with your loved one. Love & Prayers, Verdie, Glenn & Linda Chitty

Carlyle Hoggard
7 years ago

I was so sorry to learn of Billy’s passing. He and I grew up together, attended Ahoskie
Elementary and Grade Schools when we were boys. He was one of the kindest persons I have ever known. I remember once while we were playing in the schoolyard, we found
some baby snakes. We had a blast playing with them in class, our school teacher was not that impressed however. Billy and I worked together for a few years as Rural Letter Carriers out of the Ahoskie Office. He performed his job in a highly commendable manner, even on days when he did not feel well. It was an honor for me to have known
him and he shall be missed.

Katherine Northcott
7 years ago

Goodbye Willie Fred. I love you and will miss you, my brother, my best friend, May you now have peace.

7 years ago

I remember Billy as being the best uncle any kid could ask for. He was funny, smart, kind, and sweet. Growing up, I always felt a special bond with him. I remember when my mom was taking exercise classes I would always want to stay with him. Sometimes we would go get ice cream and other times we would just stay at his house-either way it was fun. One of my favorite memories of Billy is getting mail from him-sometimes it would be little cartoon drawings and sometimes it would just be a silly question; one I remember most is the question “Can elephants jump?” Silly, I know, but as a kid I thought it was awesome. I still have everything he mailed me today. Billy had many, many talents but I remember him most for his artistic talent. He did the most amazing drawings & paintings & like others in our family, I have some of them in my home-my most favorite being a drawing of a farmhouse which he got from a picture on a drinking glass & drew in ink! I could go on & on with stories & memories but I will stop. Billy, it hurts to know that you are not with us anymore & that I didn’t get to say goodbye but you battled so much physical & emotional pain for so many years I find my comfort in knowing that you are at peace & no longer hurting. Thanks for all the memories & for making life interesting. I love you.

7 years ago

Billy was the best uncle any kid could ask for. Growing up I remember him being fun, playful, creative, artistic, and the list goes on. Just a few things I remember so vividly about him was him taking all the kids (and some adults) in the family to the back roads in Kitty Hawk and telling ghost stories and scaring us to death with the indian blood in the middle of the road. He also tried to teach me a lesson many times about not sticking my tongue out at people by tricking me into doing so then putting hot sauce on it. Billy must be the most artistic person I have ever known. Drawings and paintings of his hang in my home today. He once made me a dolphin necklace that I wish I still had but I lost it running through the corn field. I spent many hours trying to find it. I still have and use a key chain he made me some 20+ years ago. Until they collected so much dust you could not tell what they were I had several clay figurines in my room that he had made. I could go on and on about the memories I have with this very special man. I spent a lot of time with him growing up and my life was certainly more interesting and fulfilling with him in it. I pray that he is now comfortable and resting in peace free from the physical and emotional pain he had suffered from for years. Thanks for all the great memories Billy. I love you.

Warren Blanchard
7 years ago

Our younger brother Billy got all the artistic talent in our family as well as an adventurist spirit. Over the years he produced many excellent drawings, made jewely, dental inserts and diving helmets and frequently took things apart just to see how they worked or if he could make one. He trained in biology, art, scuba and underwater welding and took pleasure in surfing, skydiving, motorcycling, etc. until he could no longer do them. I often thought his many interests, talents and potential were so diverse he was not able to focus on any for very long. I would frequently return home asking “What is Billy into now?” I believe he was a talent never fully realized and he will be missed.